Firefox won't start on KDE4

I installed Opensuse 11 KDE4 today on a test machine. I added the KDE4 factory repo and updated to 4.1. All updates from update repo are applied also. I used Firefox to install the nvidia driver via “one-click” install. I had trouble with the nvidia driver, but got it working now. Now when I try to start Firefox I get an error message:

shawnr@fastback:~> firefox
/usr/bin/firefox line 123: 4297 Floating point exception$MOZ_PROGRAM "$@"

Line 123 in /usr/bin/firefox shows


which is the same as my laptop running KDE3. It doesn’t seem to be an error. I have no idea why this happened or what caused it. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling Firefox with no change. Can anyone help?

KDE4 is just still too buggy for me. I installed the Mepis 8 beta over it.