Firefox window disappears after clicking minimize button

Hello I am using Opensuse 11.2 and something strange is happening with Firefox. Whenever I minimize the program it disappears and cannot be found in the task bar/widget area at the bottom of the screen. Firefox continues to run (I know this because I have played flash video and I can hear the audio) but I cannot retrieve the original Firefox window after I minimize it. Please advise.

Is this the same for other programs? If so, it looks like you removed the task manager by accident. Right click the panel, panel settings, unlock widgets, Add widget, “Takenbeheer” (my guess from the ‘nl’ in the username, otherwise “Task management”).
If not, you set some values for either the task manager, or the program settings for Firefox.

Thank you very much sir for the solution!

Thanks a lot buddy. I too experienced the same stuff and was just wondering where these windows are disappearing. Finally your solution has helped me a lot.

All the best to the subsequent users who experience this problem.