Firefox updates between releases

Firefox and Chromium have been going through a rapid release spurt that isn’t going to quiet down for a while.

I’m not sure whether it is expected that new Firefox version, as they are released, are going to make their way into the 12.1 repos or is there another means that users are supposed to follow to get the more up-to-date versions?

I understand Tumbleweed makes the system more of a rolling-release like distribution but I don’t know if I want to do the entire system that way for just a few often-used programs.

There is the OBS, but will that have to be done for each and every release?

Or does openSUSE take some programs like this and routinely update to the next version and place it in the repository? I know once Fedora moved my KDE up a whole point (from like 4.5 to 4.6 or something like that) but I am hoping to give openSUSE a shot (for various reason) and would like to know how things are done or expected.

If openSUSE is going to update the repositories so updated versions are pushed, that’s awesome!
If there is a repository just for some programs to be updated and pushed (like does Pacman do this), that works too!
I prefer to not do Tumbleweed, or having to add-repository/install/remove repository as it seems like that would open opportunity for instability.

What is the “openSUSE way?”

Ok, looking at Tumbleweed, it does look like it may fit the bill. But is it “safe” (of course taking the proprietary drivers kernel issue into account).