Firefox to use standalone Mplayer for video

I am simply trying to figure out how to get Firefox to use the standalone version of Mplayer when playing a video file instead of the plugin. Under preferences, I select MPEG (or whichever file I’m trying to direct it on) and pull down the options for applications to use and it has Totem and the browswer plugin. So I select “use other” and navigate to usr>share>applications>Mplayer but when I select it and that window closes, the selection in the pulldown menu doesn’t actually change and Firefox still uses the plugin for MPEG movies.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

Btw, when I navigate to that location and open that file, it does open the standalone player. but should I maybe point firefox to somewhere else?

Try use a different plugin to allow this. Maybe try the Media Player Connectivity plugin.

Firefox seems to be pretty bad at doing what you tell it to do sometimes.

But try setting it to “ask me what to do” for all your video settings

Then when you get the popup window - browse to mplayer and then set “do this every time without asking”

I had similar issues with some other plugins and only way I ended up solving the issue was to remove the plugin altogether.

The Media Connectivity Plugin works pretty well, only thing is I can’t get it to activate when I click on a MPEG or WMV… I can right click on the page and have it display a list of all the movies on the page and play them from there, and the MC plugin doesn’t show on the list of preferences in the “Applications” action pulldown menu… but it’s good enough for now. Thx!

Btw, I tried telling FF to ask me every time and that didn’t work… It never bothered asking me, go figure. thx for your help though!