Firefox thumbnails

Where does FireFox store thumbnails? I want to dump them without dumping my cache.


If you’re talking about thumbnails of images, Firefox stores those in the same cache directory as the full-sized images themselves (as well as cached Web pages). I don’t know of any way to have Firefox delete these without clearing the entire cache, but you can go into that directory and manually delete them yourself.

If you want to do the latter, make sure Firefox isn’t running. Look in /home/[username]/.mozilla/firefox; there is normally one profile directory in there with a generated name like "hq123ad.default. If there’s more than one, look in “profiles.ini” to see which one is the default profile.

Go into that directory, and all of the cached material is stored in the “Cache” directory. You can sort the files in any order, including size: most of the thumbnails will be < 40Kbytes.

Deleting files from that directory can be done without any harm. Firefox will simply regenerate the index when it restarts.


I was carrying around 5 years worth of thumbnails and junk.

I was carrying around 5 years worth of thumbnails and junk.

You did not empty your FF-cache for five years? That’s… unique. Doesn’t that slow down FF quite a bit?

Well it does but I have a had pretty quick systems over that time frame. I remember Netscape on a 486 16 SX on dialup so its relative.

True… you might still try to backup ~/.mozilla and use FF with an emptied cache, it should give you some interesting speed-sensations I guess. What’s the use of keeping so much stuff in the cache if I may ask?

I just never felt the need to empty the cache until I started Browsing 4chan You never know what you might thumbnail just by loading a a page.

Ah okay, 4chan.