Firefox still freezes


I’ve updated everything recently (all online updates, newest version of Firefox etc.) but Firefox still freezes randomly. It’s definitely not because of plug-ins, Flash or Desktop Effects as I had them all switched off, tried new profile without plug-ins - still freezes. But Chromium works fine, even with Flash. Although I hate Chromium, don’t know why, just hate it. I like Firefox and put up with its freezes. Would be nice though to have it resolved.

Am I the only one with this problem?

Perhaps not. However, I am not having the problem, and as best I can tell most people are not having that problem.

Does it freeze randomly, or only on particular web sites? And, if the latter, can you provide links for some of the sites that cause a freeze (so that others can try to repeat the problem).

On 05/04/2011 03:36 AM, linuxoidoz wrote:
> I’ve updated everything recently (all online updates, newest version of
> Firefox etc.)

what do you mean by “newest version of Firefox”? is that the version you
get from the standard openSUSE oss and update repos? or did you install
from some other (mozilla site, factory, tumbleweed, what??)

i ask because there are plenty of versions newer than the one supplied
to 11.4 via the normal openSUSE repos…and, many of those are just
full of bugs…

also, you wrote “It’s definitely not because of plug-ins, Flash or
Desktop Effects as I had them all switched off” and i wonder how you
“switched off” Flash–i wonder because i don’t know how to do that (i do
know how to make sure Flash doesn’t run, but i don’t know how to switch
it off)…

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Yes, it freezes randomly, even on the openSUSE site.


“newest version of Firefox” - I meant I updated it to 4.0.1-1.1 from the Mozilla repo. Don’t know which version has more bugs, but as far as freezing is concerned, they all froze starting from the RC in the official release up to this version.

“switched off Flash” - sorry, I meant I switched off all plug-ins and Desktop Effects, not Flash, and tried a new clean profile (without any plug-ins). I’m pretty sure it’s not Flash related as Firefox freezes on non-Flash sites (openSUSE) as well. BTW, it hasn’t frozen on YouTube yet.

I tried to downgrade to the official RC version (by disabling the Mozilla repo and updating all Firefox stuff) but it threw a huge dependency mess which I finally cleared, downgraded, then updated only with the online update - then a few applications seg-faulted after that incl. Firefox itself and Chromium, I didn’t have no browser at all. So I upgraded all Firefox back to the latest repo version and I’m back to the same freeze problem

here is what i bet: put in a new hard drive, install openSUSE 11.4 and
before you do any adding, customizing or moving to higher numbered
stuff like KDE4.6 (except adding packman, one click the multimedia, and
depending on your graphics install the correct drive) then firefox and
flash will play smooth and not crash, often…still that BugFest PIG
Flash is gonna jerk and hurl from time to time…

on the other hand, if you want to have the latest softare on your
machine you have to be prepared to fix it when it breaks…and it WILL

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Well, I AM prepared to put up with it. Even though Chromium works flawlessly, I’d still rather put up with the randomly freezing Firefox. There’s something unexplainably antagonistic in Chromium. I just can’t seem to like/trust “Big Company” products (Microsoft, Google etc.). Maybe I’m getting old :slight_smile:

you have to be prepared to fix it when it breaks

Here’s what I’m here for. How do I fix it? I’m prepared, just need to know how.

On 05/04/2011 03:36 PM, linuxoidoz wrote:
>> you have to be prepared to fix it when it breaks
> Here’s what I’m here for. How do I fix it? I’m prepared, just need to
> know how.

note: the following is intended to be ultra-helpful and entirely

hmmmmm…read the paragraph in this post that begins with “IMPORTANT”
and zero in on that part that says: “Please note that adding other
repositories can cause compatibility problems. You may add others when
the time comes when you learn how to solve problems that may arise . . .”

you are right, all you need to know is how to solve the problem you
have now, and since you do not why not try following the advice in that
old posting?

personally, i follow that advice myself and have mostly smooth sailing
(just about an hour ago the updater added a newly patched Firefox and
Thunderbird and i’m using both now, smooth and coool, so far and expect
it to remain that way, until Flash barfs again.)

here is the deal: if i came to your house to fix your firefox here is
what i would do:

-use YaST to remove firefox
-use YaST to remove Flash
-change the name of ~/.mozilla to ~/.mozilla-OLD
-change /usr/lib/browser-plugins to /usr/lib/browser-plugins-OLD
-make a new /usr/lib/browser-plugins with correct permissions/owner
-disable all repos except oss, non-oss, update and packman
-install firefox, test
-install flash. test
-add java browser plugin, test
-add windows-media player plug in, if desired; test
-and, on and on and on (look at about:plugins prior to removing fire fox)

if at any time firefox stops working smoothly, STOP, back up (remove the
last thing installed) and make a new plan…

so, what i wrote back in january is probably still true: “It is far
easier to read, understand and follow the instructions than to undo the
problems caused by not.” DD 23 Jan 11

ymmv, and be sure and read my caveat below before doing anything i

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The freeze is very annoying but is not the end of the world, not like when Firefox stops showing the window at all. This is just &^$#%&^$^%$!!! And it doesn’t give me any errors. It starts running but without the window. The only way to make it show up again is to delete the profile and start from scratch again. But I loose everything doing that. And THIS is the most annoying problem with Firefox. I’m back to Chromium again.

I may as well just delete Firefox or reinstall openSUSE. The former seems less hassle. Too bad for Firefox userbase. They’ve just lost another user.

Yes, I know I use repo versions but I’ve never had this kind of problems since Suse 9.2. I don’t want to investigate whose fault it really is (Firefox’s or openSUSE’s), I expect some errors or crashes in newer versions, but this kind of behavior is just too bad.

what graphics driver are you using.

Nvidia’s from the Nvidia repo: 270.41.06

This issue seems to be isolated to you
Did you try using FF3?

No, I haven’t tried it. I’m so amused how it’s only my problem and no one else has Firefox freezing and then disappearing. I haven’t done anything different to what I’ve always done before, that is upgrading to the Mozilla repo version.

I using the updates version
But the Mozilla repo has FF3 in it
Try it

I got this problem. The case is when I resumed from suspend Firefox freezes at the website with Flash like Youtube. But this symptom is gone if I restart the system. I hate to do that. Besides restartX does not help at all. I haven’t tried Chromium yet.
Anyone has an idea?

You ought to start a new thread because this sounds like a graphics problem resulting from the suspend action, not uncommon.

Yours is a different problem. Mine doesn’t freeze after suspend, rather just in normal use.