firefox starts automatically on startup


i have kde
firefox starts automatically on startup. it’s not in .config/autostart and i deleted .cache contents. but problem exists. any idea?


Was Firefox closed down prior to the restart?

Check the Firefox “about:config” setting “browser.sessionstore.resuming_after_os_restart” (set to false)

systemsettings5—workspace----startup and shutdown----desktop session—on login???

I start with an empty session.

there is not “browser.sessionstore.resuming_after_os_restart” in there but i found “browser.sessionstore.resume_session_once” and set it to true. i should test again. :|>:(

it was always on restore previous session. problem started after i cleared firefox history.

actually it doesn’t close properly. any idea?

Try in “safe mode” - from the Firefox Menu (“Hamburger” Icon) -> Help -> Restart with Add-ons Disabled

and see if it then closes down correctly.


ls -al /usr/share/autostart/
zypper se -si firefox

Maybe move ~/.cache/sessions/

Or start with an empty session, switch than to an restored session in systemsettings5…