Firefox shows no check boxes, radio buttons, or scroll bars

I tried the Mozilla forums with no luck:

Every once in a while they will show up, but it’s very random. I wish I could figure out what makes them show up.

Create another user and try there. This will show if it is in your personal settings or not.

Also, which desktop is this? File choosers depend very much on the desktop.

Desktop is KDE.

Create another account at

No, on your system of course.

I remember a similar thread a few weeks ago
it was also Firefox on plasma 5 the problem was graphic card related
I think it was a nvidia/noveou issue
what’s your card and what driver do you use?

the cause in that old thread was nouveau
personally I don’t recommend it on plasma 5 as it causes all kind of problems
if you have an nvidia card do not blacklist nouveau just install the propitiatory nvidia drivers for LEAP it will block nouveau automatically

Yes, you were right.

Over the last few weeks my laptop started freezing. I had to REISUB several times per day. So I installed the Nvidia drivers and the freezing stopped. And as a side benefit all forms now display correctly on Firefox. The downside is that everything looks freaking ugly, even with the correct dimensions.

How do you mean ugly??? did it change resolution or what. If so that can be adjusted.

Laptops with NVIDIA chips tend to be hybrid GPU and thus require special setup. You will need either prime or bumblebee to work right

But first you must uninstall the normal NVIDIA driver