Firefox Scrolling Out of Control

Using Firefox 3.6.10 on openSUSE 11.3 with kde desktop on T42 I am finding that I lose control of the scrolling function form time to time. The result is that if I click on the down arrow to go down from the top of a page, the window will scroll down to the bottom of page without stopping, even if I take pointer off the arrow.

The reverse is also true if I am trying to go up from the bottom of a page.

Great for very fast reader but not for me. Is this a problem anybody else has seen? For me it is new to 11.3 but there have been so many Firefox upgrades since I ran 11.2 I cannot determine precisely when it started.
Grateful for any light anybody can shine.

I think it’s the effect of smooth scrolling.
Try to turn it off and see if the problem persists.
Edit -> preferences -> advanced -> use smooth scrolling

I have the same problem if my son is playing his Combat Arms in Windows 7 and I directly reboot the computer back into openSUSE. If I shutdown the computer and then wait for the harddrives to finish spinning----then start up the computer the scrolling problem disappears.

Hope this helps.

etech97 :slight_smile:

Hi and thanks. Looks like you have it spot on. Turned off smooth scrolling and all is now as it should be.
Many thanks.

ps I have no idea who needs “smooth scrolling” whatever that means but that particular bell (or whistle) bloat may be another reason to try Chrome.

No problem. I was wondering about the usefulness of this feature as well. In windows version of FF it’s disabled by default. It is enabled in Opera by default. Maybe some people find it to look attractive. I honestly don’t know what’s the benefit of it, however I find it really annoying.