Firefox - (save image as)


Having openSUSE 11.2, Firefox (latest release) is having some issues when comes to “saving image as”, it fails to offer “saving window”?
Konqueror works normal, what could be the problem with Firefox?

Works fine for me. This is 3.5.7. Did you upgrade it via the update repo? You would have got a bunch of dependent packages too with it (mozilla-xulrunner, etc). If you installed the latest version your own way you may not have all the right dependencies.


I’m also having 3.5.7 version of Firefox installed from update repo, and mozilla-xulrunner, but it still fails to function.

Same problem here , this solution is working for me so far :
Unable to save or download files - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

You might be able to work around it to drag the image to your desktop.