Firefox Quantum (beta)

The new Firefox Quantum is really fast, who is trying it out ?

Nobody tried it … and no impression?

Yes, I’m trying it. It’s faster and seems less bloated but it’s not as configurable.
I get a blank toolbar that I have to remove each time I restart. I’m sure they’re aiming to make it a little more configurable in time. I’m not sure about privacy as it seems very chrome-like.
My usual browser has been vivaldi which is also chrome-like so we’ll see how it goes for firefox.

On the basis of your OP i was going to try it, but then decided to try the even newer Nightly [58]. I was very underwhelmed. I remain in love with Vivaldi, as i relish its major customisability & utility; ideal for my workflow. FF / Nightly are just not my cup of tea, & purported speed by itself is insufficient to win me over. The total browsing experience is my priority.

I was excited to try it, and I quickly switched back to Vivaldi.

It’s obviously going to be different from the one you’re used to, so to genuinely try it means more than a quick test. Of course, I quite agree if you like what you’ve got stick with it.
I like trying new things which is why I discovered vivaldi.
The new firefox is growing on me.

No haven’t tried it yet. Will just wait for the upgrade when it’s not in beta :slight_smile: from what I’ve read it’s coming soon.

And I’ve fixed that toolbar problem too.

Yes, its true! Firefox Quantum (beta) is faster and with smarter features . You will like it. Just try:)

I’ve switched to 52.5.0 ESR for the moment…

I’ll give 57 a try later when the NoScript web extension has settled down and had any teething bugs ironed out :wink:


found Firefox Quantum is faster than previous versions of ff,
so staying with it

no update yet for Bamboo so had to install Feebro


os: KDE Plasma 5.8.7 Distro: openSUSE Leap 42.3