Firefox Problem

I’m having a problem with firefox. Certain sites view just fine in Konquerer but not in Firefox. Im using KDE 4.5.0, Firefox 3.6.8-1.3. OPenSuse 11.2. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?. Here is two screenshots as an example one Firefox and one Konquerer of the same site.](](
any help is appreciated


I am not sure this can help, but lets try it. Follow one step at one time and see it can help.
1- Clear FF cache and check whether this resolve the issue.
2- Does FF some time show ‘page cannot load’ message. If so, you can try to disable IPv6. Type this in FF address bar about:config, hit enter and now search for network.dns.disableIPv6 and set its value to True. May be this is not to the point, but in case FF cannot load certain pages.
3- What if you refresh the pages, does it load again like that?

Good luck!

Clearing the cache does not resolve the issue. I never get the ‘page cannot load’ message. I have always had ipv6 disabled in firefox and in yast. When i did clear the cache tho and hit refresh i got this but i couldn’t click anything but cancel, I can view the certificate tho.](

Maybe the certificates have something to do with the problem?


Make sure you did this:
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Hi Caf, did what you suggested and updated all packages, but still the same thing. ive been googling the problem it seems there is the same thing on firefox for windows but it has to do with the date and time being wrong. my date and time is correct.](


Have you switched Java to the Sun Version yet?

And if you try a new .mozilla folder what happens?
Just re-name the current one to .mozilla-borked

Yes my java is the sun version. I re-named .mozilla restarted firefox and i get these i think this is what is causing the problem.](

When i click on I understand the risks and get a certificate.


So when you try and connect to openSUSE you get this certificate page?

If you click I understand and carry on, what happens?

when i delete my .mozilla folder and restart firefox i get this:](

I click on i understand the risks. I get this:](

I click confirm security exception…page loads like this:](

After that i don’t get that warning again pages just load html only and no graphics. But so far it only seems to be Novell/opensuse sites that are doing it.


Let me show you my installed packages from mozilla:

That was not the most recent, so here it is

Here is my mozilla packages.](


They look the same

Is it happening with all pages or just openSUSE

just novell/opensuse sites so far.

I just started a new .mozilla

No problems here

Please try a new user account. Create a new user account and see if it happens there.

Created a new user account same issue…thanks caf im done for the night need to go to bed will try again tomorrow…kind of frustrated. if you can think of anything else let me know and i’ll try it tomorrow.


How about expanding the technical details? You shouldn’t get a warning, has a valid certificate.

Thanks for all the help guys i got it figured out. I deleted all mozilla packages thru yast. I deleted .mozilla. Re-installed all mozilla packages thru yast now everything works as it should.

thanks again

Thank you for following up with this info.