Firefox problem.

I’m running OpenSuse11.0 kernel on an AMD machine (64 bit),i had compiled it as i needed to load nvidia’s driver. Firefox version is 3.0.9.
I’ve java 1.6 from OpenJDK(installed it after reading some posts I had java 1.6 from Sun earlier).
The problem is Applets just won’t come!! When i was using Sun’s java there’s was nothing at all on the browser, but now that i’m using openJDK then i just get a grey square in place of applet but no screen.
Konqueror can run some of the applets but not all. I need to use WebEx(for teaching purpose) and when i use konqueror it doesn’t work and in firefox java doesn’t work. I don’t want to use WND system, please guys help me out here!!

The Java applets are working without any problem in Firefox (both 3.0.9 and 3.1 beta). I never used them with OpenJDK. Have you installed the browser plugin: