Firefox Printing Font

Hi, not sure if everyone else has the problem or if its just me.

If i print something out, the only way i can get a print with no word loss is to shrink it to 70% and the font that is used is pretty bad. Some words hang together tight others a wide spread.
I tried to change the fonts within firefox, but that doesn’t seem to have any impact.

Is this a firefox problem or a general problem?

I use 11.3 with KDE 4.4.4.
Thats the article i printed. Perhaps everyone else has the same results.
Die Woche: Das Geschäft mit der Angst | heise open

So yester64, I am able to print in Firefox without losing any text. However, I do see uneven text spacing when a document is printed and/or in preview which does not show up on the normal display of HTML pages. I tried this out on two HP printers, a Laser Jet and an Ink Jet, both using the HPLIB printer control program.

So, I came to the conclusion that the text spacing issue may be a Firefox problem when used in Linux. However, I suspect you could still have a printer issue. One thing I keep running into is my page size defaults to A4 even as I use standard letter and set the default in the HP panel to letter size. If your printer thinks the paper is longer or wider, another problem will occur and in general your issue could be some combination of both printer and Firefox problems working together against you.

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Second that.
The issue with the cutoff of text however is visible in the print preview window.
I use a Brother HL-2040 (older) and it prints as an example pdf files fine. Ok, thats not a text file.
So i assume that this might be escalated to mozilla then. Have to visit and search if someone already filed it.

Couldn’t find a similar bug (i call it that now) but i submited it to mozilla.