Firefox Personas [openSUSE & KDE]

Just came across these from personas page of firefox.

Personas for Firefox | Personas Search Results for opensuse

Personas for Firefox | Personas Search Results for KDE

And i love this one, Air KDE.
Personas for Firefox | Air KDE 4

But, they can only be used with the standard theme - which is rubbish.

Thanks for posting.

Yup, agree it cannot be used with other themes for now.

Firefox V3.6 - Personas and themes. • mozillaZine Forums

I don’t understand why the default Firefox theme for Linux has to be so ugly anyway.

I guess it’s to make it blend in with Gnome desktops.

The Windows version looks so much nicer :(.

Did I get this wrong on “Personas” or (if you do not utilize a local theme) your browser every time you start FF is connecting to the server to check for changes in “Personas” therefore with the unique identifier that I believe FF has still integrated allows (in theory) would allow to gather infos over you…maybe I am wrong, just illuminate me. The issue exists already with the automatic update of the extensions if I am not wrong.
But maybe that is only urban legend.

How unique is your browser Fingerprint? :\

No, I am apprently not wrong.

Personas has a feature that refreshes the Personas gallery once per day. This feature sends the following Non-Personal Information to Mozilla:

* the category and ID of Persona Design selected;
* the date/time the Persona Design was selected;
* the **ID and version** of the application you used (e.g., Firefox 3.0.7);
* your locale (e.g., English-US);
* your **operating system** (i.e., Linux, Windows or Mac); and
* your **computer's architecture**.

And they state as well:

We use this information to improve our products and services and to support decision making regarding feature and capacity planning. Mozilla is an open organization that believes in sharing as much information as possible about its products, its operations, and its associations. Accordingly, we may release public reports containing Aggregate Data so that our global community and Personas partners may make better product and design decisions and so that users of Personas will know which are the most popular Persona Designs and Personas designers will know how many times their Persona Design was downloaded.

An you would be surprised what you can get out of aggregated data together with data drilling and a browser fingerprint.
I would rather like to see a local Personas theme for OpenSUSE without the function of “updating on the mozilla server”.
And this in the end explains why I have a grey and ugly mozilla browser…
But probably then you are already “broadcasting” on Facebook and company, so privacy doesn’t matter. :sarcastic: