Firefox (OS 12.2) Slow opening pages

openSUSE 12.2 _64
Firefox 15.0.1

Opening url’s is slow… I know… that’s a lame comment

But I have compared Chrome and Firefox side by side, same bookmarks. The delay in Firefox is ranging from 5 - 10 seconds before it even responds to the click on a link. Chrome is instant. Chromium and Konqueror too are fine.

I have tested a clean .mozilla with no improvement

I other 12.2 _64 installs and Firefox working just fine and as far as I can tell, no difference in setup. Except the problem machine is wired, not wireless. Though I don’t see this a point to even consider.

If anyone has any bright ideas, I’s be pleased to hear them.

Disabling IPv6 seems to helped
Strange… I didn’t do this on my other machines and haven’t had to do this on OS since I can’t remember when

It could be that there are some issues with a wired connection (just speculating here).
My laptop usually connects wirelessly, but when I give it a wired connection, for some reason Skype keeps dropping it’s connection. It connects, but other users cannot see that I am connected and every twenty or thirty seconds it will drop the connection and then reconnect.
Simply removing the wired connection and going back to wireless everything is fine.

Haven’t looked at this with firefox - will check it out when I get time.

It could be that there are some issues with a wired connection
Not that I can tell. Everything else is super quick

So far the disable of IPv6 has done the trick
But it’s crazy random if you ask me