Firefox or SeaMonkey?

Hey I just wanted to know which Browser would work better with Java, Flash etc.
I’ve heard good reports that SeaMonkey has alot more to offer, but firefox is more…“nice” :stuck_out_tongue:

While you can try all sorts of browsers, it is hard to beat the features for Firefox and both Flash and Java work with Firefox. Now, when you load openSUSE, there are two versions of Java. You are going to want to uninstall the two open source files and leave only the Sun version installed, if you expect all Java applications to work properly.

Thank You,

Just try them and see. I use both. FF mostly.

I use Seamonkey and Seamonkey mail with the Lightning calendar extension. Just my preference. I don’t see any difference in Java or Flash.

Browser sniffing can be a problem on some sites. That can be resolved by editing about:config and changing the useragent to SeaMonkey/2.x.x/not Firefox 3.x.x.

More info can be found here: Browser Sniffing

Ok, Thanks Guys!

I have installed both, but mostly use SeaMonkey. I guess this is a question of personal taste. The good advice above is to install Sun java.

Both work with the flash plugin. The only difference is that some days ago I found a website telling me that the browser is not supported when using SeaMonkey (I was trying to watch a soccer game on web-tv rotfl!).