Firefox or not?

This problem has bugged me for some time. Viewing any source on the Web results in partial loading of data followed by broken up multiple lines. It is occurring now with this post. Paging down I get three lines of “submit new thread” until at the bottom are multiple lines (no characters) after “forum rules”.

I put it to my network provider who cannot come up with any idea of what may cause it. It cannot be the hardware as the same condition exists on two PC’s. Both are on 11.2. :’(

what is your graphics card and are you using the open source or
proprietary driver (you can learn both answers by clicking on “My

so, if you have either nVidia or ATI have a look here:

and consider moving to the closed source driver…

read and understand…then move carefully and thoughtfully…

[openSUSE 11.3 + KDE4.5.5 + Thunderbird3.1.8 via NNTP]
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