Firefox Opens in Half-Screen

Anyone know why Firefox now opens every time in a half-windowed screen? Somehow this setting started yesterday, and I have no idea why. I always close out Firefox in a full windowed state, and normally apps are supposed to restart in the same manner in which they last closed. I know Linux doesn’t always do this, but didn’t know if it was an application setting or a openSUSE OS setting.


Possibly corrupted “localstore.rdf” ( located below ~/.mozilla/firefox/… )

Close Firefox, rename the file as f.e. “localstore.rdf.existing”, restart Firefox see if the problem persists.

I’ve had problems with both Firefox and Thunderbird in the past with regard to window size and placement. If you’re using KDE you can set “Window Rules”.

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “half-windowed screen”.

What I do notice on my desktop, is that if I maximize “firefox”, then when I unmaximize it, the result is using only the top half of the screen. So I have to resize it. Perhaps that’s similar to what you mean.

The same thing happens with “konqueror” and “rekonq” and probably others. I don’t think it happens on my laptop, with a slightly smaller screen. Hmm, let me try that: no, it doesn’t happen on my laptop. Perhaps it depends on the display size.

This also happened with 13.1.

Might check the KDE Special windows settings.

This seems to have worked, cheers mate!