Firefox: not using search when typing in the address bar


So, i’ve been using firefox in different distros, and it’s my go to browser. Thing is, i got used to entering search terms in the address bar and typing enter.
But in openSUSE 13.1, for a while now, when i enter a single word, it usually doesn’t use the search engine allocated to it (first google, now duckduckgo), but it usually takes me to an empty page, like i attempted to go to , let’s say ‘search’ - it takes me to http://search/ . It also takes me to 404 pages and such.
I have keyword enabled in about:config.

How to fix this issue? Thanks!

It generally works by starting the string with a space. It always works if you start with the search engine shortcut. At the bottom of the Search Bar drop-down list there is “Manage Search Engines”, which will display/edit shortcuts etc.

All set as per isntructions, but it doesn’t work.
I tried also starting with space, and it doesn’t work.

I have openSUSE-13.1 and Firefox-28.0
My FF home page is set to “about:blank”. This is so that I can use the “Home” button to blank the address bar.
My DDG keywordt is “ddg:”.
I habitually start address-bar searches with a space. For a single word search I enter a trailing space to prevent autocomplete trying to choose a bookmark or history url, or adding a “helpful” “.com”

It works for me.

Since there was no viable solution, i set a shortcut for DDG, and will type it every time i perform a search.