FireFox no sound on Specific websites

The problem I am having is with an on-line course I am taking about Linux through "NY dept of labor ( (I am currently an unemployed programmer). I am using Firefox because the site only wants either windows IE or FireFox. On my windows box everything works great using IE, haven’t tried FireFox there yet.

On my linux box there are several issues, Firefox doesn’t always display the websites screens correctly (sometimes it just shows the left half of there screen) and secondly when I should heard audio there isn’t any, or should I say I don’t know what to do to get it. Don’t know if the two problems are related. Note: I can play ustream and other internet radio stations ok.

I would try it in windows with the same version (if you can) of firefox
that you have on the linux system. It may also be worth trying the
user-agent switcher add-on top make firefox say it’s IE.

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drogers8 wrote:
> (

unfortunately that site is using a Microsoft-IIS/6.0 server, and since
you are telling it you are running firefox on linux it may decide to
mess with you…

use, the firefox addon named user agent switcher (as Malcolm wrote) as
sometimes that fixes most problems when connecting to a Micro$loth

(and, removing pulseaudio, as mentioned elsewhere may help too)

oh, by the way: when the site says it only wants firefox or IE it
ASSUMES you will run one or the other on Window$…so, bitch to the
department of labor about them using server software from a known,
convicted (in the USA & Europe) monopolistic mega-corp who is
BULLYING you just because you are out of a job and TOO POOR to pay the
high price for M$ software…and, ‘had to’ use free software…


I used FireFox on my windoz box and it worked properly after I downloaded Abode Flash player. I also I download the switch user on the linux box and told FireFox that it should think its EI8. It did make any change I still couldn’t do the coursework. Is there an Adobe flash player look a like for Linux FireFox?

There is flash-player for openSUSE. I think it is typically installed by default.

Some users found that that package libflashsupport caused problems, and that by deleting it, they were able to get sound working ok with firefox on flash web sites.

Another problem is a basic Linux problem, where many of the sound daemon’s/sound-servers for Linux will NOT share the sound device. Hence if a malformed app refuses to let go the sound device after it is closed, then a new app may not be able to use it.

The alsa api will allow for the sharing of sound devices between apps. Pulse audio is also supposed to allow for the sharing of sound devices between apps, but the methodology for tuning this is obscure and also fraught with bugs (at this time).

Many apps will allow one to go into their settings and select the output sound module (ie alsa, oss, aRts, etc … ) .

There are some openSUSE sound concepts here:
Sound-concepts - openSUSE

To learn what app has seized a sound device, one can run:

lsof /dev/dsp* /dev/audio* /dev/mixer* /dev/snd/*

per the guidance in this URL: SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE