Firefox - No (or Extremely-Limited) Internet Access

I’ve been running Suse 11.2 KDE on a 64-bit Dell Studio 1535 since last week’s release, and have had no trouble using Firefox.

At some point today, however, it stopped accessing webpages – or, when managing to grab a page, it would do so without full html rendering. 95% of the time I get an error splash, while the other 5% I get some sort of truncated page that looks nothing like it should.

Konquer and Opera work fine, as does KMail.

I tried deleting the file (no luck), then uninstalled/re-installed (no luck), then uninstalled and deleted every Mozilla/Firefox file I could find in order for a fresh install – but this has not worked after several attempts. I still cannot get Internet access.

Any idea of how to completely wipe-out Firefox in order to allow for a totally new installation? Or is there something else I can try?

Thanks in advance for any help on this…

Try this
Disable IPv6 - openSUSE Forums

I will give it a quick try… but I’m wondering, if FF has been working fine with IPv6 until today, what would cause it to be a problem now?

Okay… just came back from the reboot and am running without IPv6… and the problem persists.

In your home user section, hidden files
rename .mozilla
to .mozilla-old

Try FF again

Thanks, caf, for hanging in on this.

No luck on renaming the .mozilla folder. Two tabs opened – one rendered, the other has a 404: Page Not Found screen. I tried a couple other links and got nothing.

You can bring back your old folder now if you want, just delete the new one and re-name the old one back.

Please open a terminal (make sure FF is closed)
In terminal type: firefox

Do any messages display in the terminal when FF starts


Shared database disabled (set NSS_USE_SHARED_DB to enable).

> --------------------
> Shared database disabled (set NSS_USE_SHARED_DB to enable).
> --------------------

are you also running Firefox on another operating system on that
machine, via a dual boot (like another Linux distro, or something from
Redmond Washington)?

are you running directly on hardware or in a VM?


It’s a dual-boot with Vista.

Oh… and running on hardware.

It seems that the system wants me to enable a shared database. If true, what is the command string?

No. I get that same message. My FF works spot on.
What about you DD? You get that message too?

What is odd is that you say other browsers work fine and even removing the FF profile doesn’t help.

I doubt it has any connection to M$, not sure what DD had in mind there?

What is odd is that you say other browsers work fine and even removing the FF profile doesn’t help.

Yes, I’ve been using Konqueror for this dialogue.

Trying to remember what I was doing when FF went on the fritz. I think I’d just installed Opera, and maybe a Windows program using Wine. I tried removing Opera, Wine and the other program, but none of that worked.

Hmm… this is weird. I just tried to open and got the following error message:

KDEInit could not launch 'wine'.:
Could not find 'wine' executable.

I got the same error when specifying KWrite as the opening program.

Why would the system default to Wine for something like this? And how can I “kill” wine (which I already removed using Yast) altogether?

OK what have you been installing in wine and how did you do it?

It was an open-source program called The Word. I’d just installed it, opened it once or twice without really engaging the program, then removed it using its uninstall function. Then I removed Wine (or so I thought).

I had done this on Mandriva Spring 2009 (on this machine), as well as Ubuntu 9.10 (on another machine) without a problem.

If you right click a file and go to properties
Then the config spanner
set the default application in the list - you can move them up and down

Ok – the default is already set as Notepad. Yet it tries to open with Wine…?

caf4926 wrote:
> What about you DD? You get that message too?

i don’t dual boot with game systems, so i can’t have it…

> not sure what DD had in mind there?

i was searching for a way to pry open the window and discover what
might be wrong…

maybe for a problem some of the several VM servers, or a not yet seen
interaction between 11.2 and Win7 that the mozilla folks hadn’t sorted
out, yet…

since he wrote “Any idea of how to completely wipe-out Firefox in
order to allow for a totally new installation?” and mentioned he
“deleted every Mozilla/Firefox file I could find” i think the next
step i’d try is to do that again, this way and try real hard to find
ALL configs, like:

  1. backup FF bookmarks and stuff you might wanna save (like a list of
    the add ons, and a snapshot of about:plugins, about:config and of
    course about:robots)
    2 .close all instances of firefox (check with ps -e | grep -i firefox)
  2. using YaST uninstall firefox and everything (??) YaST lists when
    you search on firefox…
  3. then, remove/rename the following

and, maybe some others…but, i don’t know where they might be on 11.2
or with the latest FF…use locate to learn…

then, i would use YaST to reinstall FF and use it bare, with NO addins
or add ons…(no flash, no nothing)…if all is well, then add in the
stuff you want ONE thing at a time…and, USE it some…hours, days,
through a boot (remember he said Opera and Konqueror is ok so its not
like having nothing)…

THEN add something else, and run it a while…
eventually he will either have everything re-installed and it working
great or he will know exactly what was the last thing added before
it broke…and, can uninstall just that…reinstall it to prove it
is broken, and file a bug report…

on the other hand the only reason i wouldn’t begin by activating the
shared db is because you said you had not…

-good luck-