Firefox missing Applications

if I am downloading a file (example: file.doc), and chose to “open with,” I get a null error because under the preference setting, applications’ list is empty. How can this be resolved? I am running the latest version of firefox (3.0.1).

see picture:](

Go to Tools… Options… Applications.

Is that empty? Edit: Yes, it is. The picture wouldn’t load for me initially.

The simplest way to add something so that it isn’t empty is to add Flash and/or a multimedia plugin like mplayer plugin.

I had to adjust the pic file. But there is no option to add apps.

Just go into YaST and install mplayer-plugin and that should add some.

I am not having a plugin issue really, but rather that when I try to download a file and I click the open with option, I get the null error shown below.

I have ktorrent installed which should launch automatically, but I get this error:](

I understand. However, installing mplayer-plugin will fill a few things in that applications list for media types, so it won’t be null any more. Then when you click on something (like a .doc file) it will ask you what to do, and you can start associating other programs.

I can’t see how the plugins is related, but I tested your suggestion–no luck.

It is generally considered safer to get FF to save the file to your chosen downloads location.

Media files can be managed well with the plugin MediaPlayerConnectivity