Firefox menu fonts disappeared / sax2 problem

I have some problems with my Firefox and sax2. I searched for such problems, but didn’t find something like that.

First of all. My system menu fonts in Firefox disappeared. As I remember, all that I was doing before - configuring gtk styles and fonts(very few) and installed fonts for wine. I opened firefox, and there is nothing =\ It also affected fonts in forms at sites. For examle rollover lists.
I tried to update firefox, tried to reinstall, but nothing helped. I’m using openSuse 11 + KDE4. Also I tried to change some options for GTK-styles and fonts, but had no success.
And as I realised few minutes ago, some other applications also affected, for example SeeaMonkey and Nvu. There is no menu fonts.
Maybe smb knows how to solve this problem?

And the second problem.
My keyboard layout sometimes switches without my interactions. I mean, for example: USA layout - button for “/” and “?”. And in Russian layout this button is for “.” and “,”. And sometimes when in Russian it begin to type symbols from USA, “?” instead of “.”.
And after that I can’t start sax2.
And some other strange bugs occured, for example once my USA keyboard layout disappeared, and I had to reboot.
sax2 -r helps me, but this problem sometimes return.
Any ideas?

I’m not opensuse very experienced user… :frowning:

The apps you describe are all gtk apps and font rendering is not controlled by changes made in the KDE settings. I found that the gtk font settings don’t help much either.

What I found was this. There are two files in your firefox profile that end with .css. (cascading style sheets)


To control the way fonts appear (or disappear) in the FF menu means you have to make some adjustments to userChrome.css ONLY.

This is a great web page that explains everything in detail. - Home of Mark S Baines & Linnhe Observatory

I actually did not have a userChrome.css file but only had examples. I created one and put some of this code in and restarted FF and it worked. After you toy with it a bit you can fine tune it to do pretty much anything you want.

Since your fonts have disappeared you should be able to make them reappear in FF with a setting – which should override anything in font.config.

Hope this helps.

Edit: the profile is in ~/.mozilla/firefox/<yours>.default/chrome

<yours> = an odd filename; mine was 4 letters followed by 4 numbers