firefox keeps showing save password

Everytime I run firefox, I login into a website and it asks me to save the password or not. It should be asking only once. ??

Need help…

I can offer some help in formulating your problem.

You forgot to describe what you do when that question is asked.

When you sea “yes” Firefox will store the username/password combination and use it in the future without asking you again.

When you say “no” (or close the popup) it will do nothing and next time the same situation exists and the same question will be asked, etc.

This is my understanding of how it works. Also I guess you can switch the whole mechanism off in the Security tab of the Preferences.

In general, you should describe exactly what you see and do and not leave out any steps. We are not clairvoyant and can not fill in those omissions in your problem description at free will with any hope that we will understand each other.

There is also a third option of, if I recall correctly, “never”. In which case the password will in future be requested each time (for that particular) site, without the save password dialogue appearing.

I’ve noticed that some sites are now doing odd stuff that confuses the password usage. Mostly the credit card sites. They force the entry of the password no matter what you do. Probably some sort of security thing.

Other sites work as designed.

I have a possible explanation for that.

I have a bank site that did that (it stopped doing it to my joy).

What the password manager does is looking at the URL first. When it fits an URL it has in it’s list, it looks for the names of the fields to fill in. Those field names are not visible on the page, but they are in the HTML source and you can find them there (like the password manager does). They are often very logical ones like “name” and “password”. But the bank site generated these input field names at random every time it generated the login page. Thus e.g. it is “agTu7h” where the password must go and on next login offer it is “5Hlk9v”. Thus the password manager can not identify the field on the second login and does not fill in anything. Of course after the user filled the fields and send the login, the password manager will again try to be helpful and ask if this new combination should be stored.

But it is all guessing what happens at the OP, because his problem description is very scanty. And his question “It should be asking only once. ??” can not be answered as long as we do not know what he does do. It is also not sure if it does happen on all login pages, or on just a particular one. And for the above suggestion, we could check if we would know what the URL of that particular login page is.

I did ‘never’, it always shows as a popup. Everytime, I run firefox.
boot–> run firefox–>go website (email) –>save password prompt–> exit mail –> click ‘never’ –> reboot–> repeating: run firefox–> goto website –> “save password”–>click ‘never’. exit mail, reboot, repeat this on every reboot.

Firefox hasn’t been doing this until just a few days ago.

I’m using Firefox 52 ESR, after purposely deleting a couple of saved passwords from the password manager, when I visit the relevant sites and dismiss with “Never Remember” I’m not subsequently asked again.

Is it only that one site behaving like that? If so perhaps it was a change to the site rather than Firefox causing the issue, in a manor described by “hcvv” in post #5 perhaps.

What happens if you try the opposite approach, allow password manager to store the password, does it then ask again on subsequent visits?