Firefox keeps crashing

Hi, out there,

I’m having a strange issue with Firefox 17. Both, 17.0 and 17.0.1, are not usable. The Browser uses to crash on and on, particularly when launching sites with flash content …

I’ve already added the Firefox repository, but after updating to the latest version, the problem remains.

I’m now using konqueror instead, and flash works just fine here.

What is the matter with that FF?

[size=1]- Notebook: Lenovo G530 4446-25G — Dualboot: (1) Windows 7 32bit; (2) Linux openSuSE 12.1 32bit[/size]

I have upgraded from 12.1 to 12.2, same architecture 32 bits, using Gnome and as far as i can see Firefox 17.0 is not crashing. I must admit i disabled hardware acceleration for Flash just to be on a safe side.

No such problem here. Admittedly, I run both flashblock and noscript, which prevent some flash applets from running. But flash does work fine.

That’s interesting, because flash often crashes konqueror for me.

Do you have the latest Flash?

What happens if you restart Firefox in Safe Mode?

Does the crash reporter come up, and do you submit the reports to Mozilla?

More help can be found here.

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In the end, I uninstalled FF 17.0.1 - and I’m now waiting for the next release to give it a try.

That’s interesting, because flash often crashes konqueror for me.

When I chose KHTML instead of WebKit lately, flash wouldn’t work any longer. Perhaps there is a reason, and you could solve the problem by configuring Konqueror accordingly.

I have been using Firefox 18.0 for the last 6 weeks, and haven’t had any crashes with Flash. Haven’t had any with any previous versions that I have used.

If you don’t want to troubleshoot the issue I suspect Firefox 18.0 will continue to crash for you.

The tried and true diagnostic steps usually work for those that want to try them.

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