Firefox is dead

Hi all, i’ve just made the move from kubuntu and everything was going fine, but all of a sudden firefox just wont start. just a bouncing icon.:frowning: I’ve removed it, re-installed it and upgraded it but still no joy.

When i run firefox from the konsole i get this:

/usr/bin/firefox: line 126:  6801 Segmentation fault      $MOZ_PROGRAM "$@"

If anyone can help me out i’d be very grateful.


have you installed any add-ons?

try : firefox -safe-mode
and disabling the extensions in safe mode and then restarting in normal mode

find which add-on is causing the problem

Thanks vijay. tried that- still getting the same segmentation fault in line 126>:(

I did install a couple of themes before it happened

Just sussed it out! It was kde4-gtk-qt-engine. it was stopping all gtk apps.

have you tried using a different profile?

firefox -P
create a new profile
see if that helps