Firefox is crashed

Today i open opensuse,and open firefox for daily stuff to view.but suddenly it crahses.And now on each attempt it is crashing.I switch to Epiphany and using it now.But i like to use firefox,alot of features rich.How could i resolve this.
OR any other browser same to FF features.


I have solved it by using Netscape.
I have managed netscape to run smoothly and features almost like FF.
Thanks for viewing the post.

But u still have a problem.And choosing another browser than your favorite one is not a solution.
Uninstall firefox, delete the /home/user/.mozilla folder and install firefox again.
(u will loose any bookmarks and customization in this way though)

i gave up on firefox 3 with suse 11.
i have turned to opera 9.5.1,
runs much faster, so far so good.:slight_smile:

Just to bring some balance… FF 3 is running beautifully here on openSUSE 11. No issues here & using it intensively. So it can work… :wink: