Firefox images zoom pixelation. Please help.

There is a problem with the Linux version of Firefox that images pixelate badly when zoomed. This does not happen in the Windows version of Firefox. Ubuntu has a fix for this that works really well (I have used installed it in Ubuntu in the past). Here is the link to Ubuntu’s fix:

There must be some way to fix this is openSUSE. Please tell me how.


Hello? Anyone?

Yep use chromium/chrome :wink: OK enough tongue in cheek…

But I doubt you’ll like it reading through this and with a confirm that it works for 11.2 it looks like you’ll need to patch cairo then it should improve but still no where as good as chromium/chrome.

The patch is in the comments here reckon the easiest would be to get the cairo src.rpm install to the build area and add a patch line in the spec file.

Ands if that lot is too much pray that some kind soul takes it up or as above …

Thanks for the help.

If openSUSE doesn’t even have a simple patch to fix Firefox image zoom pixelation, then IMO it’s not even a distro worth using. This is totally unacceptable. I’m switching to another distro.

Why do you know of a distro that does?

You pointed to ppa! That member of the community could be you (Where a community member builds a firefox that zooms.) these things don’t magically appear. Someone who is concerned scratches their itch, rather than just taking, that is the way OSS works.

Obviously this issue points to lack of support for openSUSE.

And, no, I did not make that PPA.

Not really it just says there is lack of concern tbh the tools to do this are so easy in suse.

I was tempted to do it but you know what I do nothing for ungrateful people.

Yeah sure, I believe you, whatever. Honestly, do you think I care? Takes 20 min to switch to another distro. Big whoop.

And if’s it’s sooo easy to fix, then how come no one has posted a solution even though this problem has been discussed in threads before? Please stop making up excuses for the lack of support for this distro.

And BTW, Chromium didn’t even display webpages when I installed in on openSUSE. The “bugs” for this distro never end.

Let’ see, the bugs list for openSUSE 11.2 64-bit I have discovered so far (in just a few days):

Auto-partitioner on install disk has issues.

First system update was buggy and gave me all kinds of weird error messages.

ipv6 can’t be disabled without adding to the command line in menu.lst (enabled it slows down browsing).

Firefox image zoom is pixelated and there are no solutions or patches posted anywhere on the internet.

Chromium browser does not display webpages.

What ever floats your boat guess you’re were perfectly happy with Ubuntu so went looking.

At the end of the day no distro is perfect, find the distro you can deal with many people have no problems that you’ve had. As for chromium I happen to know there is a few around here that use it quite happily. I have to say in my experience it is night and day in comparison to firefox just a shame about plugins, but I can live with that.

You can name any xyz distro and I can find similar problems so you’re not really telling me anything I don’t know.

The one thing I do know is that the problems you’re encountering on Suse are greater than your tolerance which = another distro so goodbye.

TBH Suse isn’t even my day to day distro but the difference is I don’t need to highlight the faults in xyz distro.

If I could get the source of the ppa easily I would probably manage it, as it is afaic the patch has made it in and the file from a grep is turning up as mozilla/gfx/src/thebes/nsThebesImage.cpp:689: When you work out how I got to that i guess you can preach to me.

Viper2 wrote:

> If openSUSE doesn’t even have a simple patch to fix Firefox image zoom
> pixelation, then IMO it’s not even a distro worth using. This is
> totally unacceptable. I’m switching to another distro.

so go! bye.
but, be sure and get your money back before slamming the door, kid.

oh, now i’m gonna sit down and cry because he wasn’t happy.