Firefox gestures not working with Gnome Wayland

A strange problem recently cropped up: mouse gestures stopped working in Firefox when I run Gnome with Wayland. I’ve tried two different mouse gesture extensions and neither works. The gestures work fine with Gnome running Xorg and with KDE. Not sure what the problem is. I’d be grateful for any advice.

I’m not using Gnome Wayland so can only offer general advice regarding what I’ve seen/read. Just in case this is of value…

I note that the wiki link regarding browser support says

For Firefox you should manually install extension from Mozilla Addons site. Please note that Firefox is supported since connector version 8.

Apologies if I’m on the wrong track here.

Thanks for your reply, Deano. I didn’t know about the extended gestures. I installed them and they work fine.
I also solved my firefox gesture problem–the touchpad settings in gnome are slighly different than in kde. I had to change a setting in a firefox addon and now the gestures are working.
Thanks again for letting me know about the extended gestures–it’s a very cool feature!

That’s great to read. Well done! :slight_smile:

The gnome shell integration is automatic these days with Firefox and kicks into life when visiting

It’s a very interesting site. I’m new to the gnome world, having used KDE for many, many years. Now I’m testing the gnome 3.34 desktop just for a change of pace!

I haven’t switched to Wayland, still a few things that don’t work for my workflow, but only use a few shell extensions, lock keys, openweather, user themes and KStatusNotifierItem (icons in the top panel) support. Hopefully not long to switch to 3.36…

I’m surprised how well Wayland is working for me with Gnome. It was very glitchy whenever I tries using it with Plasma, so I always used Xorg with KDE. I think the plasma desktop is quite beautiful but I’m also enjoying some of Gnome’s unique features.

Yes, KDE Plasma still needs work, but I much prefer it over Gnome, so I’m prepared to wait.

Yes, KDE Plasma still needs work, but I much prefer it over Gnome, so I’m prepared to wait.

I have to agree. After a couple of weeks of trying Gnome I’m back with KDE Plasma. I liked some aspects of Gnome, and the Gnome team has certainly created a unique desktop environment. But there were just too many things that I couldn’t do in Gnome that I could do easily in KDE: create email identities, numerous configuration options…and I missed krunner, which is an amazingly powerful and simple tool.

I also prefer the look of Plasma, especially the Kontact PIM suite. Thoughtful features in the email display make a big difference, for example, having clear dividers that separate today’s email from yesterday’s, and the day before…Using Gnome has increased my appreciation for what the KDE developers have accomplished. I don’t understand why it isn’t the default desktop for all Linux distributions.

There use to be gnome-do (krunner), it’s still there for the like of Leap, else just press alt+F2 to run an application, it does autocomplete with tab… for email identities did you look at online accounts, create multiple emails there?

What configuration options could you not achieve?

Hi Malcolm,

Thanks for letting me know about gnome-do. I installed it but as far as I can tell it just seems to be a search program? Am I missing something? With krunner I can do calculations, metric conversions, searches, and more, all by hitting the alt-space bar. When I opened gnome-do and tried to set preferences the gnome-do window just closed.

As for email, Kmail has a nice feature that allows you to create multiple email identities without having to provide login and password information for multiple email accounts. In my case, I have 3 different gmail accounts, two accounts under my own domain name, and a sixth account with a service called fastmail. I forward all my accounts through fastmail, and on my laptop I use fastmail as my only imap account for receiving and sending. But kmail allows me to set up identities–I simply list my email addresses for all my accounts (without having to provide any server details) which gives me the option of sending and replying to messages using each of my different email addresses. In Evolution it seems that the only way to create multiple accounts is to provide the server settings for all six of my email accounts, which is a bit tedious. I don’t have to do that with kmail.

KDE seems to have many more global configuration options. For example, in Gnome there doesn’t seem to be any way to adjust the font of the top bar, so on my high DPI display the date and time are very small. And even with gnome tweaks installing themes is not very straightforward. (I don’t think I would want to use Gnome without tweaks.)

On the plus side, Gnome’s Wayland support is very nice and some firefox extensions look better with Gnome than they do in KDE. But overall, and of course this is very subjective, I prefer the look of Plasma.

I’m planning to keep Gnome on my laptop along with KDE, and I’ll log in now and then to see how Gnome evolves. I’m looking forward to seeing the 3.36 version.

In wayland open a terminal and run;

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "'scale-monitor-framebuffer']"

It will add extra scaling for the fonts, access via settings.

Themes are pretty easy with the user-theme gnome shell extension, just dump the themes in ~/.themes, and likewise for any icons or fonts in ~/.icons and ~/.fonts respectively, just make sure after extracting the themes the are only one level down, usually the add an extra depth… Logout, login and then select themes icons and fonts as required.](ImageBam)

Hmm, I ran the command

gsettings set org.gnome.mutter experimental-features "'scale-monitor-framebuffer']"

But I don’t see any additional settings…but it’s not a problem. I read somewhere that gnome 3.36 will allow users to configure the font in the top bar, so I’ll check out Gnome again after that update. But I am going to return to the friendly embrace of Plasma!

Thanks for your suggestions.

For 3.36 is there, well it is some of the supporting packages aren’t :wink:

An update to this old post: My opinion of Gnome has completely changed. I’ve been using it exclusively for a few months now, after nearly 20 years of using KDE. I have to say I’ve become a convert. I’ve come to appreciate Gnome’s elegance and innovation. Features like pinch-to-zoom; swiping on a touchpad to browse backward or forward in Epiphany–those options don’t exist in KDE; the simple setup for caldav and carddav (which could be problematic in Kontact); and many other features. I think it’s great that Gnome is continuing to develop its own browser–it’s a shame that KDE gave up on Konqueror.

So, thank you, gnome developers, and opensuse, for delivering such a nice desktop experience