Firefox freeze at startup

Firefox freeze at startup. Windows is bring up, but tabs aren’t loaded and it is disabled/unresponsive. Problem start occur once I updated system today.

To test, I installed flatpakced Firefox, link normal firefox profile and it worked. One piece missing is KDE integration, so maybe this is an problem?

I also discovered, when I ran firefox -d gdb, gdb got some trouble with loading debug symbols, so maybe it is broken update? Also, when this error occur on gdb, I have less than 3% free space on my /home partition, but flatpak downloading firefox meanwhile.

I have no comment to make about your freezing problem (although I guess it is not general, no other reports until now), 3% of an unknown quantity does not say much. It can still be a GB when your /home filesystem is 30 GB. As so often, showing a command with it’s output is much more telling then some talking.

I do not known why, but everything works for now. Sorry.

Never mind, Such things happen. (although not very satisfactory :slight_smile: )

I’ve been having problems with Firefox for some time - freezing and locking up. I eliminated PackageKit (tabooed it) and use YAST for updating, which helped greatly. Packagekit was part of the problem, but not all of it. It has something to do with updating.

What I’ve finally determined is that somehow either on my end or on the server, my system is (I guess you could say) made aware that there are updates available. When there are and if I try to start Firefox, it locks up my system. It has something to do with the update system, but I haven’t been able to figure it out. (I also posted about the hard drive thrashing… and have recognized that when there is a single update, the thrashing is for about 2 minutes, but if there are many updates at a single time, the hard drive thrashes for several minutes (as long as 10 minutes). I’ve had the system lock up while reading information on the internet with Firefox, and confirmed that some new updates were just submitted. (I configured Yast updates for weekly, but like with Packagekit, my system seems to check for updates on a fairly regular basis (at least twice or more often daily).

It could be that there is an intermittent bug that locks everything up when you have Firefox running and your system is notified of updates. I really can’t post any log information because it’s so hard to capture and so far, I’ve found no indication of what it is. (I know it’s not hardware, it’s software and related to updating.)

A reboot (and also reinstall Firefox and available updates using Yast) gets my system running again, until the next update.

I hope this is a bit helpful!