Firefox FONT Settings? Borders? URL? etc...

Not sure if this is the right forum for this topic/question. I will take full responsibility for all punishment and abuse willingly as these forums have bailed me out several times.

Ok, after a month resolving a problem with a mixed repository of Leap and Tumbleweed and the “one button” upgrade, I finally give up and re-imaged my machine with Leap 15.1. No worries I had everything backed up!!!

I’m running Leap 15.1 and when I launch Firefox the font size is so small on the borders and URL fields my 57 year old eyes cannot see them. I can expand the data area in the screen by hitting CTRL-+ to increase the font.

How do I increase the font size on the borders, title and URL?

I have a P70 with a Nvidia M4000 card that is not supported on Leap 15.1. But I am not doing anything advanced with the graphics. Its what I ordered with the laptop. I’m basically using this for business purposes.

Is there a guide or reference material I can read which will help me get Firefox to a point where I don’t need a magnifying glass to see whats in the URL? and other Icons etc…

Although there are ways to go into application settings and window manager settings, sometimes even Desktop settings…
I always advise not making these changes, when you make changes to specific objects, a common side effect is that text no longer fits in the object as designed.

So, I recommend changing only the overall display resolution or the graphical template that changes everything you see.

For your situation asking about a firefox browser,
All browsers now have a fairly obvious setting that allows you to zoom in or out (make the text and objects larger or smaller), it’s usually found as a dropdown option when you click in the top right of the page… in Firefox, it’s the “3 horizontal bars” button, then about 5 selections down.


With KDE the only consistent size change I found is through: Settings > Displays > Resolution.

Nice to hear.
But, you’ve forgotten to mention which GUI you’re using:

  • KDE?
  • GNOME?
  • Something else?

Oh yes!
I view this as being a major issue with the openSUSE “Software” (Download) web presence: for example:
IMHO, absolutely dangerous for 90% of the openSUSE Leap user community …

  • Perhaps, maybe, we should consider writing a Change Request (Bug Report) against the openSUSE “Software” web presence …
  • My eyes are 13 years older than yours … >:)

In “Firefox options, preferences and settings” –>> “General Panel” –>> “Language and Appearance” –>> “Fonts & Colors” I use the “Advanced Settings” to setup the default Font to my “Bitstream Vera Sans” and “Bitstream Vera Mono” preference with a default point size of 12 – for a screen with a higher resolution I suspect that, I would have to use a larger default point size …

The Font size on the borders, title and URL are possibly controlled by the GUI and, Firefox is a GTK application meaning that, under KDE one has to setup the GNOME (GTK) values – in my case, once again, Bitstream Vera Sans plus, a suitable point size …

Lenovo P70 Laptop NVIDIA Quadro: M4000M or 4000M?
<NVIDIA Driver Downloads;
openSUSE Wiki: Support Database (SDB):

For the case of GNOME, there’s the openSUSE GNOME user guide: <;.
For the case of KDE, the user documentation is here: <;
Select “kde-workspace” and then “System Settings” and then “System Settings Categories and Modules”:

Please provide output from:

# xrdb -query | grep dpi
# xdpyinfo | egrep 'dimen|ution'
# inxi -GxxS

Also, goto URL about:config in Firefox and report back here values for:


Does your Firefox profile directory contain a subdirectory chrome? It’s possible to make adjustments to the UI fonts via an optional file there userChrome.css, but before doing that, easier options usually should be investigated.

I have embedded my responses in the questions above.


If it’s an M4000, in a Laptop, then, possibly, despite it being a Quadro GPU, the open source “nouveau” driver may well be sufficient and OK …

  • The “nouveau” man page mentions QUADRO, QUADRO2 and QUADRO4 chip sets – yes, yes, M4000 isn’t mentioned, but …

According to the Lenovo link, P70 displays come in two flavours:

  1. 17.3" 4K (3840 x 2160) IPS anti-glare
  2. 17.3" FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS anti-glare

If you have the 4K model, you might try taking every DPI setting and every font size setting times two.

On the other hand, I thought HiDPI modes are detected automagically nowadays.
What happens if you create (and subsequently log in as) a new test user?
Are the fonts more readable by default?