firefox flicker on fullscreen

i’m running 11.4 64bit, with firefox 7.0.1.
laptop has the intel core i3-350 intel graphics (i915 driver - not sure if this is correct, but seems to work fine for 2d stuff)

when firefox is in fullscreen mode (f11), any firefox (ie: not websites) mouse-over popup effects make the entire screen flicker.
eg, i hover over a tab, and firefox displays the tooltip of the entire tabs name.
same happens on this ‘new post’ box where i can hover over the buttons, which a tooltip will be displayed with a description.

i was just about to submit a firefox bug, but thought i’d ask here first incase it’s a problem with my setup.

IMHO if you do write a bug, you need to make it more understandable. If you are in full screen mode in firefox, there are no tabs, so how can you hover your mouse over a tab that is not there in full screen mode ? Or is firefox not in full screen mode ?

Try disabling any form of hardware acceleration in firefox.
It’s very unstable on Linux, for example it messes whole screen on my radeon (fortunately it’s disabled by default with my drivers, though).
Go to FF preferences and uncheck GPU acceleration.