Firefox - Flash-plugin weirdness:

This is strange, I use firefox and the flash plugin is visible and usable but If I use firefox beta or firefox nightly no flash plugin shows in the list.
I’ve never seen this before but it sounds like it should be fixable.

I’m using openSuse 13.2(Tumbleweed)

Hummm Do you understand the phrase “cutting edge”

You ae using daily modified code and you are surprised that it may not work right LOL :open_mouth:

The beta or nightly probably has its own directory tree and its own plugin directory in that tree. So try putting some symlinks in that plugin directory.

Thanks for the info!

Here’s the fix(for posterity)

sudo ln -s /usr/lib64/browser-plugins/ ~/.mozilla/plugins/

Thanks for giving the details.

And I’m glad that you got it working.