FIREFOX - Facebook Texas Poker problem

Hi guys.
hope this is the correct place.
i just install Suse 11.1 on my Dell Vostro 1710
everything install ok…
i am currently installing all the add-on i need.
one of my regular web pastime in facebook poker
i am having problem with firefox,
in loading the web page for the poker, it is not
able to show the list. is the another web broser for
any advice greatful

Then you should install the flash-player plugin.
Restricted Formats/11.1 - openSUSE-Community.
Good luck.

flash player is already install


I had this same problem with the bejeweled game. If you install from the flash player site you should be good to go.

Adobe - Adobe Flash Player

Select the .rpm and let it install. Restart firefox and it should work.

Good Luck,


thanks for the advice.
i have install the adobe flash but its not showing up
when i type “about:plugins” at the address bar of firefox.
all i see is shockwave flash

Hmmm… I just tried it and it doesn’t work haha. I just figured since it worked with bejeweled it might work for poker. It works if you just tell it to seat you at a table. But you can’t see the listing of tables when you first sign in.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


Take a look to this blog post:
Programming and Linux: Install flash plugin for Firefox/others in Linux.
Hope that helps,
Good luck.

flash player is already install…

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Umm, this is a five-year old thread? Lenwolf