Firefox ESR - high CPU load for a minute or two when starting

Firefox ESR version 52.7.3 – the standard current openSUSE Leap 42.3 version.

Is anyone else noticing that, when Firefox is called in a KDE Plasma 5 (KDE Frameworks: 5.32.0) environment, it takes an awful amount of CPU for a minute or two?
[HR][/HR]I’ve taken to opening a Konsole window and with the help of “top”, wait until the Firefox process has “calmed down”. If I attempt to use Firefox before it has completed it’s initialisation, it’s extremely unresponsive – it seems to be better to wait a minute and then begin typing in the first URL of the day …

Not seeing that with 52.7.3-86.1 on leap, or 52.7.3-3.18 (from on TW.

At start-up on either utilisation goes to around 100% and rapidly, <2sec, drops to around 2-3% with Firefox idle.

Tried the usual?

Gremlins in the (Mozilla) cache … delete ~/.cache/mozilla

Temporarily rename ~/.mozilla so as to start with a clean, default Firefox profile.

Any (mozilla) add ons updated recently that could be the culprit.

Yes, indeed!!

The “culprit” is an add-on by the name of “Ghostery” – deactivated it – startup was better – read “normal” – deinstalled it – startup remained “good” – reinstalled it – startup went back to “almost as bad as the initial behaviour”.
[HR][/HR]I’ll live with the situation as it is for the moment and have another think about Trackers et al.
[HR][/HR]On the other hand, it’s always nice to know what the folks who maintain web sights want to know (and collect) about you …

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