firefox downloads in a tab instead of an extra window?

Hello, I know this is probably firefox specific question, but maybe someone knows.

Why does firefox on leap 15.1 with openbox show downloads in a tab, which is actually my preferred behavior I’m trying to achieve](

but on my tumbleweed machine with kde firefox shows downloads in extra window like this](

I have no idea what config parameter could switch this behavior :frowning: Extra window seems to be default on windows too, but I don’t like it. Thank you.

Have a look at the Preferences - Tabs.

That behaviour has been the default for a while now, “Show all Downloads” opens the Library Window. No idea why you’re still seeing the “old” behaviour with openbox :…

A workaround would be to enter “about:downloads” into the address bar and bookmark the page. Then use that bookmark to display the downloads, (ctrl click to open in a new tab, else the current tab is used, as with any other bookmark).

Hi and thank you for your input, I’ve been at General / Tabs already, but this is not it, both firefoxes have the same checkboxes checked, yet one behaves in a different way than the other. I’d bet it must be something in about:config, but there are too many options to compare visually.

Hi and thank you, yes, it bugs me for quite a while now, but now I have noticed they have not removed this function completely. On leap there’s 68.4.1 ESR version, on tumbleweed 72.0.1, but I’m quite sure it have been crippled long time before 68.
Your workaround could be a cool one. Shame, that I cannot bookmark it, firefox adds a trailing slash and I have to either remove it, or type the whole about:downloads, because it opens page not found when invoked from bookmarks :open_mouth: I still hope someone comes up with a real solution to return the old behavior.

[QUOTE=pruda;2925099… in about:config, but there are too many options to compare visually.[/QUOTE]
When you type “download” in the field above (assuming that that string will be part of the parameter name), the list is much shorter. And I guess that looking at those who are not “standard”, but “changed” need special attention.

Thank you, yes, when I filter with downloads word, it shows only about two pages of options. If I have not overlooked something, there is not any difference :frowning:

I also made a test (with fresh profiles): Installed ff ESR on tumbleweed with kde - downloads show in a new window, installed 72.0.1 on leap 15.1 with openbox - downloads show in a new window. I must have been particularly lucky with that unique profile, which still shows downloads in a tab. What is also quite surprising, that I have installed that machine with downloads in a tab few months ago and rather new firefox of that time, must have been 68.something ESR, created a new profile with this old behavior.

Works here on FF 72.0.1 …

Sorry, forgot to say (and ran out of editing time)…

You could always manually create the bookmark.

Hi and thank you for the tip. However unbelievable it may sound, it really makes a difference. When I create the bookmark manually, it works, when I bookmark about:downloads, firefox adds the trailing slash, even though both bookmarks look the same. :open_mouth: In case you are interested, you can stream vid with this glitch:

I tried heap of searching, but I have not found a real solution. I really want downloads back in a tab. This eats me, because now I know this can be done, only I don’t know how. >:( I can try to clone the “working” profile, then maybe only some of the files, find the one which is behind this and keep it as a family gold…:\

I have not found any difference, but I found what makes firefox behave like before. about:preferences#privacy -> firefox will [never remember history]. Ff will ask for a restart and and then all downloads open in a tab. So I will alter the question. Is it possible to open downloads in a tab in the normal profile / non anonymous (which can remember passwords) too?