firefox doesn't launch kaffeine starter

I just installed OpenSuse 11 using KDE 3.5. Firefox is not starting Kaffeine when I try to play a video here:

It just shows the ‘missing plugin’ thing. It does however starts Kaffeine on another site. Any clue?
Opera also doesn’t recognize any content for this plugin

On my openSUSE-10.3 PC, it did not play for me either with firefox-3.0 and mplayerplug-in. But it did play in on my openSUSE-10.3 PC with konqueror, which called a kaffeine plugin.

hm… yes using another browser hardly solves the problem does it. Especially since a lot of websites break in Konqueror.

I found a workaround. I installed mediaconnectivity add-on for firefox. This usually finds all media players automatically but not in OpenSuse. So I had enter manually, /opt/kde3/bin/kaffeine.

For a new distro that appears to being hyped into the Ubuntu killer this is disappointing to say the least. I see nice green logos everywhere. But setting the right priorities (drivers, working suspend on laptops, mediaplayers that work, easy to find repositories) is the number one thing that helped Ubuntu to the top. And actually their negligence of it these days is what people will get tired with.

Well so far my reflections on my frustrations. Nice distro though, keep it up - love KDE.

Who did the hyping that this was a Ubuntu killer? I’ve never read a lot of hype on that.

IMHO fighting amongst distributions is counterproductive. I have friends who use Ubuntu and Fedora, and we simply help each other. We don’t bad mouth each other’s distribution.

Nor do we rave about how our distribution is top and the other isn’t.

We simply try to help each other make each other’s Linux experience work.

One thing about openSUSE, IMHO it tries a LOT harder than most other distributions to stick to the open source free software philosophy. That means proprietary drivers / codecs for hardware and multimedia applications simply do NOT work out of the box. That means it is up to the community (ie YOU and ME) to try and offer user friendly solutions. OpenSUSE will succeed (or fail) because of contributions (or a lack of contributions) from users like you and me.

Oh… sorry about that man. I was just getting a bit frustrated. I don’t have a ‘my distro’ that I’m religious about. Though a bit of competitiveness sounds good I don’t see any use for distro-wars.

I’m not to sure about the right way to go with ‘no-proprietary’ stuff. For me, I find these codecs or drivers fast enough in a repro or otherwise. But since everybody installs them anyways, why not give the total new to linux people a nice experience out of the box?
On the other hand that stops any pressure or talking about the issue as ‘we’ just ‘gave in’.

Actually, some one has done that for openSUSE. It is called JAD: - the home of JAD

One thing though, jad is not “cutting edge” but rather based on openSUSE-10.2 (there may be a 10.3 version… < not sure > ).

One can read more here:
JAD introduction - JackLab UserWiki

The neat thing about jad is nominal openSUSE updates/repostories will work with it.