Firefox does no save credit cards

When entering credit card info in a web form, it will throw up a dialog asking if I’d like to save the card info. If I click yes, the dialog closes but the info is not saved. If I go into settings where one can view the saved cards and enter the info to save a new one, I can enter one but again it does not actually save. There is no error, it just doesn’t save. Tailing journalctl shows no errors, launch Firefox from a console and watching the output doesn’t show any error either.

It’s been this way over several updates over the course of a few months. The same thing happens with Water Fox (another browser based on Firefox). Web searching does not seem to turn this up as a widespread or known problem. Does anyone else experience this? Anyone have any idea of something to look at, like some file permission being erroneously read-only somewhere?


Credit card autofill is not currently available for Firefox users outside of the U.S. and Canada, and therefore I have no experience of it.

But, and this is pure speculation, websites have the ability to inhibit the saving (within firefox) of passwords, perhaps that extends to the credit card autofill feature also?

I would suggest asking at the mozilla support site:

Out of curiosity.

Investigating a little further it looks to me as if this is very much still “a work in progress”, specifically mozilla’s wiki page:

shows a lot of outstanding bugs…

May be I am off, but it seems to me that perhaps it is a good thing that a browser cannot remember credit card info.

Yes, but most of those issues are around autofill. To even get to the autofill you need saving to work, so saving would seem to be expected to work. I’ll try on the mozilla forums as you suggest.


I’ve noted this problem since the feature rolled out, and I’m in Canada so happening here too, or at least with my Firefox account too.