Firefox criticaly Out of Date

Last few days I get warning at the top line of firefox browser: “Yout Firefox is critically out of date. An update required to stay secure”. What do I have to do to fix this, since I don’t get any updatin of Firefox from any of Repositories. My Firefox version is Firefox 62.0.3.

Thank you for answering my questions

My firefox is version 60.4.0esr, which was updated recently.

It seems that you are not using the default “esr” (extended support release) version. So you need to think about where you got the version that you are using, and how to update it.

The latest version of firefox is 64.0. If you want the latest version you may wish to add the mozilla repo to yast at:

My version isd not esr, so i installed it. Now I have got no that warning. But, i think my browser works a little bit slower. I don’t know how can i see fro m wich repository my firefox was. I just can say that I have Firefox reositorys installed, so, maybe it could be from that repository. However, problem disappeared. If you have any advice more, I will apply it. Thank you again.

if you open yast and do a search for firefox you will be able to see the versions you have available and the sources

If you installed from a repo, and
if that repo is still enabled, and
if that repo has updates, then firefox should update.

But it also depends on how you do updates. The desktop update applet should find them. But “Yast online update” won’t, because it only installs patches through the update repos. You could try

zypper up

from the root command line.