Firefox crashing when playing html5 video or similar

Hi all!

Recently Firefox crashes all the time when I visit Youtube and play a video!
This is not the case with chromium or epiphany and it also works fine on Opensuse 13.2.
I did not install Adobe Flashplayer or chromium-pepper-flash cause I dont want it!

Anyone else experiences this problem?



And Firefox also crashes when on websites with a lot of html5 content!

So I am with Chromium now :-/

So nobody except me has this problem?:open_mouth:


Try to set media.gstreamer.enabled to false in Firefox’s about:config.

Here I found an error via journalctl -f:

kernel: Chrome_ChildThr[8123]: segfault at 0 ip 00007fde74587e7c sp 00007fde62728480 error 6 in[7fde74585000+5000]

Hi 1Antoine1,

That did the trick!:slight_smile:

How did you find out?


I don’t remember exactly but it seems to be a recurrent problem and Google showed me this workaround (I have the same issue).

It looks like something wrong with our gstreamer installations.

On my computer, everything comes from Packman. It would be cool if other Tumbleweed users could tell us if they encounter the same problem :slight_smile: maybe the issue comes from Packman or upstream…

Well, you’re welcome but that’s just a workaround: it disables gstreamer integration in Firefox. Thus, you won’t be able to read some video formats directly in Firefox (an “Open with” dialog should pop up for mp4 for example) and you won’t be able to watch YouTube in a better resolution than 360p.


Changing the




keys to true in about:config will get you higher quality YouTube videos back.

Thanks, I didn’t know that!