Firefox crashes

Hi, again Yesterday I installed Leap 15, and I am have trouble with firefox crashing. I have not installed Nvidia drivers because the release notes talk about a bug with Nvidia drivers. Would it work if I did the manual install and enabling Nvidia repo. Or could my problem lie else where. I have a GeForce 710 video card Thank you for all you help

what desktop are you using?
I had Firefox crashes with nouveau on plasma 5, you could try disabling compositing (in plasma 5 settings compositing use xrendr)
or use the nvidia driver, I do have an older geforce and use the G03 driver but afaik the nvidia driver works fine where did you read it was broken?

says the bug is in nouvau and recommends disabling nouvau not the nvidia driver so
just add the nvidia repo and install the nvidia driver

zypper ar -f nvidia
zypper inr

there have been several kernel updates and I’m not sure if this was fixed or not but you can add


to the boot line in yast boot manager

How often is it crashing.

I have had a few firefox crashes, usually after it has been running for 2-3 days. I’m more inclined to suspect the change to firefox quantum, rather than the switch from Leap 42.3 to Leap 15.0.

I forgot to mention that if that’s a hybrid (also known as optimus) laptop (as mentioned in the opensuse release notes) it needs bumblebee or you’ll have issues just follow the bumblebee wiki guide

Sorry about this but i have stated the question incorrectly. What I mean’t to say: “the sysem(computer)crashes when i am using firefox”. By crashing I mean it freezes and the only thing I can do is restart the computer. Once again sorry for the inconvience. Thank you PS I am using KDE plasma destop, the default desktop

nouveau is known to crash apps running under the plasma 5 desktop, the solution is eather to disable compositing and hardware acceleration or use the propitiatory nvidia (not nouveau) driver
the opensuse release notes say there is an issue with nouveau (not the nvidia) driver and some hybrid (optimus) laptops
so is that a desktop or a laptop
does it have a cpu with a build-in gpu

sudo lspci | grep VGA