Firefox crashes when printing


I’m running 10.2 and notice that Firefox crashes when trying to print web pages. The message reads:

The application Gecko has crashed.

However you don’t have installed bug-buddy, the
GNOME crash report tool. If you want to help us
to make GNOME better, please, install it

My version of Firefox is the newest available from the repos here on openSuSE, and the whole system is recently updated for that matter. Anyone else having the same problem?

Yeah, it prints fine from Konqueror which I believe uses Mozilla as a web browser. Strange how launching the print dialog causes standalone Firefox to crash :confused:

Konqueror does not use Mozilla. Konqueror uses KHTML as its engine and Mozilla uses Gecko as its engine.

There was a bug in Firefox 2.0.0.xx which made it crash when you did a print preview although this was fixed later on. What is the exact version number of the Firefox you are using?

“Help” > “About Mozilla Firefox”

Hi Gumer, thanks for clearing that up. I always assumed Konqueror uses a Mozilla component as its browser. I’m surprised to find out that it doesn’t, and it explains why printing works fine in Konqueror.

In any case, my version of Mozilla Firefox is 3.0-1.1. Do you think I should switch back to 2.0 ?


By the way, does anyone know if there’s a way to keep track of one’s own posts on this forum? Is there a link somewhere that provides a listing of all (or at least some) past entries?

I don’t know, I just wanted to make sure what version of Firefox you had. To my knowledge the bug was fixed during version 2 so it will have been fixed in Firefox 3 too. This means that whatever is causing the bug isn’t the same thing as last time. I don’t know what to do - sorry I couldn’t be more help.

Good luck.