Firefox crashes then turns grey

Hello don’t know if you guys are experiencing this but it seem to only happen on youtube but firefox without warning will crash then when I restart it’s grey…it starts backup fine and everything it’s just grey when it does…any ideas on whats causing this and how to fix it? (sorry for some reason it’s not showing my image)

Is that your image or not?
Grey - How - What

yes it is my image…and note how the tabs and url dropdown menu is grey not white like it should be I’ve searched the net and this problem seems to be related to freeze ups but theres no freeze ups with me just what I mentioned before

my thought: don’t sweat the small stuff…that is, isn’t the gray box
as function as would be a white box?


yeah not really sweating it,it just bothers me when something doesn’t work the way I want/supposed to and I like to know the cause.

Under KDE, is there not a location where one specifies the GTK Styles and Fonts (under Appearance and Themes) ?

Is firefox is a GTK app ? If so, is it possible you changed a setting there, not knowing it would impact firefox?

nope thats not the problem it only turns that color when it crashes otherwise it’s fine

I notice from your screen shot that apart from having a propensity toward watching YouTube:| - You do have beagle installed:X.
Would be a good idea to see that go. Search beagle in software management and scrap the lot.
Are you trying to run multiple instances of YouTube? And what about Desktop effects? Personally I have no problem with desktop effects - whatever I’m doing. But just trying to eliminate possible issues for you.

oh no I don’t have beagle installed I know its junk I used to have it as the search tool in the app launcher till it kept making my panel crash all the time so uninstalled it an now everything is fine. Did the same for firefox an I’m pretty sure the desktop effects aren’t effecting it either,it a rare thing but it does happen from time to time maybe it’s just some kind of bug in firefox.

threatingbehaviour wrote:
> oh no I don’t have beagle installed

of course you do, you both have it installed AND it is running…it
can be seen plain as day (the doppy dog with a red bandana on your
task bar, lower right…left of the clock and right of the speaker
icon) in your desktop jpg here:


oh ok I thought you meant in firefox,sorry well I’ve never had any trouble (with kde3 beagle kde4 one all of the interface is distored) with beagle in the panel it’s always work perfect…just the one in the app launcher gave me so much problems…but nonetheless you say it’s pretty buggy (and beagle not anything special) so do you recommend any other desktop search apps that are any good?

> do you recommend any other desktop search apps that are any good?

i know there are alternatives, but i’ve never felt the need to have a
“desktop” searcher…

i guess because i decide where to download stuff to, and i make that
decision WHEN i decide to download it…so, stuff is downloaded to
WHERE i want it to be, and i never have to search for it (well,
almost never)…

like if i want to see a stock broker account statement for September
2001 it is in ~/home/tax/invest/[brokerName]/2001

and, a bank statement for January 2005 is in

and, i also use (system wide) ‘locate’ or ‘which’ at a command line
anytime something gets misplaced or i don’t know where it is “supposed
to be”…


Your flickr picture is confusing. I don’t see any grey in there.

Are you using Compiz? Usually when an application stops responding, Compiz turns the window grey. I don’t know about KDE’s own compositing manager, because I haven’t used KDE since 4 came out. All the grey is telling you is that the app has crashed or is probably about to crash. The system is telling you that there’s a problem with firefox.

At least I think that’s what’s happening. I know it doesn’t solve your problem, but at least you know it might an issue with firefox/flash, and not some weird X window or KDE problem that randomly turns windows grey.

oh yes I do have compiz installed that’s probably what it is weird doesn’t do anything except change the color