Firefox crashes on fresh installed 11.0


after installing opensuse 11.0 MozillaFirefox crashes immediately at startup. I get the error message: “/usr/lib/firefox/firefox: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: cairo_format_stride_for_width”. Here some information about the program versions:
MozillaFirefox-3.0.3-1.1 and gtk2-2.13.3-14.

Any help is really appreciated.


In the meantime I did some further investigations on my own:

ldd -r /usr/lib/ yields the following undefined symbol “cairo_format_stride_for_width”. According to the cairo manuals this function is available since cairo version 1.6. But cairo version distributed with opensuse 11.0 is only 1.4.14. I do not find a more recent one in the opensuse repositories. Any suggestions?

Take a look at the list here, which indicates some extra repositories for your search. I see a lot of them have Cairo 1.7-something.

RPM Search cairo

Click on the link below and use Yast to update.

Index of /repositories/GNOME:/GTK:/Factory/openSUSE_11.0

I tried this and have a lot of unresolved dependencies. Doesn’t work for me.

Don’t give urls for packages from
Great openSUSE packages search engine is here: Webpin

In my home repo You can find cairo 1.6.4 with subpixel hinting enabled.