Firefox crash everytime it start Java

I don’t know what happens, but i thing something went wrong when i upgraded Firefox to 3.5.x, because Java was working in Firefox3.0

Now it refuse to use Java. If i try “Verify java” on, it crash and close. I also use Opera web-browser and on this Java works perfect, so it must be something with Firefox, Java or Java-plugin.
I tried to reinstall Firefox and Java-plugin, but the same problem happens again.

Please advice!

I had this problem a week or two ago, now solved. Uninstall ALL Java’s except those from SUN, job done…

See my thread here:

Java! - openSUSE Forums

Ok! I had OpenJava installed together with Sun Java. I removed OpenJava and now firefox stop crashing. But now Firefox don’t have any Java-plugin. I reinstalled Sun Java-plugin, but still its not active in Firefox. If i check URL about:plugins no Java is listed.

How do i activate Java-plugin in Firefox?