Firefox: choosing plugins manually

I have much more plugins listed in Mozilla Firefox (Tools>Add-ons>Plugins)
than I can choose per default (Edit>Preferences>Applications>Actions.
Can I now choose some in the directory /usr/lib/browser-plugins and see if they fit (better) - especially for multimedia applications like video players or audio players? Should I delete some?


I am using now firefox 3.5.9 (both under GNOME and under KDE).

> su
...]:/usr/lib/browser-plugins # ls                                  
mplayerplug-in-wmp.xpt          xine-logo.ogg
mplayerplug-in.xpt              xine-logo.png              

pistazienfresser wrote:
> Should I delete some?

my best advice would be to install only those that you need, and no

i say that because i have experienced that the more there are
installed the slower (and therefore more IE-like) and more error prone
is firefox…

just because it is free and available is not a great reason to install
any particular software on a linux machine…decide what you need
first, and then look for it…and, if there are several different
addons which say they will give you what you need, then try several,
one at a time…maybe a few days each and then decide which ONE to
leave installed…

bottom line: the more up put into firefox the slower and less stable
it will be…

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Thanks DenverD,
I made an equal experience like you did a time ago with the extensions for Mozilla firefox - usually I use not much more than 5 (some, like a German and an English dictionary have to be there) .

Does anybody know a test side with many multimedia formats on? I want test the abilities of the audio and video players and the connected handlers (“plugins”). Do these plugins really have an effect if they are not marked to handle multimedia files in the preferences?

Greetings pistazienfresser

P. S.
Is there anywhere an other directory for the multimedia handlers (“Plugins”)? I have installed the vlc player from the packman repository and its plugin for mozilla firefox and can see 2 plugins with vlc in its names also under Firefox>Tools>Add-ons>Plugins but cannot see anything with vlc under the directory /usr/lib/browser-plugins.