Firefox can't reconnect after network change

on a fresh Leap 15 (fully updated), Firefox (60.3.0) sometimes can’t reconnect to the internet after change of network (home-wifi -> put to sleep via closing the lip, then waking up and thetering on a train). My hardware: Purism Librem 13 v3. Chromium and pinging works flawlessly. Firefox has to be closed and restarted. Anyone else experiencing this? I couldn’t find a similar post via a quick search on the forum.

Best wishes

Well, that’s some weird German-speaking dialect :D.
And yes, I experience that, Chrome shows the same behaviour. My educated guess is that cookies for the existing connection are no longer valid. I don’t see this phenomenon on all websites, but do so f.e. on these forums. I’ve seen this as a security feature, since changing a network/dns during a browser session could be exploited.

I am mildly embarrassed about my writing coming across with a dialect :shame:
F5 and Ctrl*F5 didn’t help (in Firefox). I am suprised that this is a security-feature, because Chromium seems more permissive than Firefox or (as you mentioned) Chrome? I have never experienced similar behaviour on Mac OS X…

Bis’ ooch nich’ oof Mac OS X, oder? :D.
Must say, I don’t see it on all webpages. Can’t even say I see this only on sites I logon to. FWIW see Chromium do this too, and cannot ( time ) compare it’s caches, settings etc. , so cannot tell you if the impact is the same.