firefox can't connect to internet

I don’t seem to be having much fun with leap15
Today, when I started my computer it could not connect to the internet. I got “Hmm We’re having trouble finding that site”. I could not connect to any site. The repo updates also could not connect.
However, other browsers could, as could other computers using firefox.
I cant ping the router but could not ping anything past that for example google.
I checked my network setting they were ok.
I turned off the firewall.
The boot log shows no errors

I have ran out of ideas. I can’t think of any think else to do.
Thank you

Is it just name resolution that’s not working perhaps? Try the following…

sudo netconfig -f update

Try @deano_ferrari suggestions first. Then try a step by step analasys. You seem to have done some of thos steps, but rather randon and without showing us anything of what you did and what the resuts were. That is frustrating for those who want to help.

You check from bottom to top:

Is the NIC up with an IP address?
ip addr
Can you connect to another system on your LAN?
ping -c1 <IP-address of your router>

(I hope you know that address)
Do you have a default route to the Internet?

ip route
Can you connect to a system on the internet?
ping -c1
Can you resolve host/domain names?
ping -c1

Take care. As soon a one step fails, that must be resolved first. It is useless to go to the next step before it is resolved.

Thank you deano_ferrari and hcvv
netconfig -f update fixed it
very much appreciated

Glad that sorted it for you. :slight_smile: