Firefox Beta 6

Does anyone know when Firefox 4 beta 6 will be in the repositories?


Install by here

I have that repository and still have Beta 5 as the only option :frowning:

OpenSUSE will test before updating to new candys!!

I wonder too…

I’m used to 3.6.x, but if it was there I’d try 4

etech97 wrote:

> Does anyone know when Firefox 4 beta 6 will be in the
> Cheers!
> etech97:)


if you wanna try you can still download the package from this site Firefox web browser | Help us test the latest beta

unpack the tar archive and copy the folder to /usr/local/share than make a softlink:

ln -s /usr/local/share/firefox/firefox /usr/local/bin/firefox_beta

and start it by issuing:


Thank you very much…That worked perfectly :slight_smile:


How do I get Flash and Java to work??

Thanks You for your help :slight_smile:


this, and all other beta software discussions should always be in


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I thought the Pre-Release beta forum was for openSUSE releases.

Anyway I just installed the 32-bit versions of Firefox 4.0b8pre and Seamonkey 2.1b1 on my 64-bit openSUSE 11.2 system, and Flash works in both. Haven’t needed the Java plugin in ages.

I really like the FF, even though I’m currently using the SM.

I know that is what I thought too, but flash videos are asking for the latest Flash plugin and are not plying them :frowning:

@Denver - I thought that Beta forums were for beta openSUSE as well!


Which version of Firefox are you using? FF 4.0b6 will ask for installation of Flash. FFb8pre will not.

I suggest you download and install the 32-bit 4.0b8pre version fromHere

Then kill some time playing agent8ball:slight_smile:

FWIW, FF4b6 will never land in the beta repository as there is absolutely no real change to b5 on our platform. B6 was just a quick hotfix for one bug which shouldn’t affect us. FF4b7 is upcoming though with a lot of changes.

Okay…I’ll wait for Beta 7

Thank you everyone for all of your help :slight_smile: